In addition to providing cost-free access to life-enhancing events, Kids Up Front provides Kids Count events which are more than just a ticket. These events provide all the 'extras' which can include autographs, behind the scenes tours, celebrity meet and greets, food, transportation and more. We take a ticket and make it magical, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Our Kids Count opportunities are unique experiences delivered directly by our staff at Kids Up Front, in partnership with local community supporters and volunteers.


Kids Count has sent hundreds of kids on special outings, such as:



These experiences are made possible through partnerships with corporations and individual donors who wish to make a difference in kids’ lives. The Kids Count program encourages unique experiences that are driven by the passions of our donors.


Do you have an idea for an amazing Kids Count event that you would like to create with us? Do you have employees who want to volunteer at the event? No problem. We would love to work with you to bring an idea to life!


Contact us today to create your custom Kids Count event and make a child's dream come true.


To donate, please call us at 403.444.4318 or email us here.