Vision - A world in which all kids have access to enriching experiences.


Mission – Kids Up Front distributes tickets to arts, culture and sporting events to deserving kids and their families.


Values – Collaboration, Integrity, Inclusion, Fun, Agility. 


It’s been 20 years of making memories happen for families in Calgary and Southern Alberta and thanks to the Calgary Foundation we have completed our first ever research project showing the impact.

Thank you to Sarah Pervez of Community Voices Consulting and the Calgary Foundation for the incredible support. Here’s some special insights into the effects of our programming:


Top 3 Impacts


  1. Kids Up Front’s most significant impact is stronger relationships for program participants that result from the positive social opportunities it provides. Across different schools, agencies and services survey respondents stated that they relied on Kids Up Front tickets to strengthen connections within families, build ties between organization staff and clients, and create connections between vulnerable individuals and community supports. Based on the evidence provided in focus groups and surveys, it is reasonable to conclude that Kids Up Front opportunities contributed to the catalyzing and fostering of critical social connections for individuals across different demographic groups. This in turn can lead to improved support networks and increased social capital.
  2. Another important outcome area was expanded knowledge, interests and skills in participants, resulting from participants being able to access a diverse array of barrier-free community events. Based on the observations of Kids Up Front partner organizations, there was a strong relationship between exposure to different aspects of community and culture, and a resulting increase in knowledge of community, and new interests in program participants. Experiencing various cultural, recreational and educational events resulted in immediate shifts in perspective, the pursuit of new skills, and contributed to expanded worldviews amongst participants.
  3. Improved well-being was also amongst the top 3 impacts attributed to Kids Up Front services, with participants found to respond positively to distance from stressors during Kids Up Front events. Survey and focus group respondents made the connection between positive experiences and improvements in general well-being and mental health. Short term improvements included reduced stress, improved mood, and increased happiness demonstrated even after an event had concluded. Well-being also improved in response to an increased sense of being valued by others, heightened self-esteem and greater confidence.


Our kids are affected by poverty, abuse, illness and disability. They are newcomers to Canada. They endure trying conditions, sometimes without any family support. And they need the magic created by your donation! With your help, Kids Up Front can alleviate their stresses and challenges by opening doors that let them safely explore the world around them and gain new experiences.


Kids Up Front works on behalf of over 300 registered partner agencies to facilitate experiences. The agencies agree to strictly abide by our policies in selecting children, youth, and families who would benefit most from your donations of tickets or passes.

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