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Kids Up Front wishes to sincerely thank the Calgary Stampede for their support of our kids and families to attend the Calgary Stampede July 3 to 12, 2015.  1,368 tickets were distributed to over 79 of our partner organizations in Calgary and the surrounding area!  Wow!

The excitement began with the Calgary Stampede Parade on July 3.  Kids Up Front had their debut float experience featuring kids, families and agencies that use our tickets.  This was a special day for all of us as we make parade day history on our 15th anniversary!

The Calgary Stampede has been a great supporter of Kids Up Front since 2009  through the Young Riders program, allowing deserving kids and families to experience Calgary’s legendary historic rodeo and exhibition.  Without this support, these families would never get to experience such things as the thrill of the rodeo, the excitement of the midway, the Cannon Lady, the animals in the barns, the lemonade and pizza dogs, the exhibits and demonstrations, and the grandstand show. Hundreds of kids and families experienced once-in-a-lifetime fun!

In addition to distributing these tickets through our partner agencies directly to kids and their families, Kids Up Front also runs a Pay It Forward Project in partnership with Cenovus, in which we recognize children and youths who are making positive contributions in their community.  Through the support of the Calgary Stampede, Kids Up Front was able to recognize 11 junior superstars with VIP all-inclusive Stampede packages, allowing them to experience the rodeo, rides at the midway, and deep-fried delights, all with the special people in their lives!

Kids Up Front also recognized four youths from the United Way Better Together Program that assisted with a film project about the programs they were involved with, and how the programs were supporting them.  These youths also received VIP rodeo and midway experiences, all through the generous support of the Calgary Stampede!  Many thanks for helping us to recognize kids and youths that are truly making a difference in their communities, and kids who deserve a special day out! More photos here.

“Our families would not have had a sniff of a chance of going to the Stampede had you folks at Kids Up Front not stepped up. So please be encouraged as you definitely made a difference for this mom and her 4 little ones. And it made me as a family in home support worker feel just that much better about what I try to do with our families in need…so I thank you too. Keep up the good work…and please pass this thank you on to those who donate” – Case Worker 

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