Kids Up Front | What Gives YYC-Final Two Weeks!
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What Gives YYC-Final Two Weeks!

16 Jun What Gives YYC-Final Two Weeks!

Antosz Orthodontics has $12.5k to give away to 3 charities. So who gets the money? Well, You Decide. You Vote. It’s that simple.

From April 1st to June 30th they will be giving away $12.5K. The charity with the most votes in each round gets $8K. Second place gets $3K and third gets $1.5K.

Who gets what is up to you! We need YOUR help!

Vote for Kids Up Front then Share it with your friends on Twitter & Facebook and give us a shot at $8K and tons of exposure!

You Decide. You Vote. You Share. YOU will never know the difference YOU can make.

Don’t forget everyone can vote once per day until June 30!
Your call to action, “So how can you help Kids Up Front?”

Visit and vote for Kids Up Front once per day; everyday!
Organize your network; share the link & our message with friends and colleagues.
Tell your friends and family to spread the message, and support Kids Up Front Calgary.
Encourage influencers you know on social media to spread the word.