Using Air Miles Rewards to purchase tickets

17 May Using Air Miles Rewards to purchase tickets

“I keep collecting these Air Miles… how can I use them?” I’m glad you asked.


You can now purchase event tickets through the Air Miles Dream Reward Program. Through this program, you can purchase everything from concert tickets to Calgary Zoo admissions passes, simply by redeeming those miles you have been collecting.

Make a difference with your miles! We know you work hard to collect them, and at Kids Up Front, we will work hard to make sure they go to good use! Send a deserving kid to see a live play, or to the Stampede Rodeo for the first time. You can help send eight kids to experience the Calgary Zoo by redeeming the same number of Air Miles as is required to purchase a single flight from Calgary to Edmonton… I know which of those choices sounds better to me!  

Once you redeem your miles and receive your tickets, you can contact us to donate.

If you’re a collector, we encourage you to visit the Air Miles Dream Reward page, and take a quick look through the ticket packages offered. If you once were a collector and found yourself struggling to redeem your miles, dust off that old Air Miles card and get going! There are plenty of opportunities to help out the kids in our community, some of which will cost you nothing but a fraction of the balance on your points card.  

So don’t stop collecting, Kids Up Front can use your Air Miles!

Here are some examples of what those unused Dream Rewards can be redeemed for: