Thank you to TransCanada Pipelines, Calbridge Homes and Valentine Volvo for your generous donations of your box suites for the WWE event held on February 1 at the Saddledome. Over 5000 people were in attendance, and Kids Up Front was able to send three great groups of kids to this exciting event!

“WHAT UP? WHAT UP? WHAT UP?” chanted the crowd with R-Truth dancing in the ring, and jeers erupting when he insulted Tyson Kidd who came out wearing a Flames hoodie. “There are worse crimes than wearing a Flames hoodie!” And Kidd stripped it off, only to be wearing an Oilers shirt underneath!
The rivalry ensued, echoing the previous day’s Hitmen and Flames hockey games for the “Battle of Alberta”! This crowd is passionate! Whether it’s hockey or wrestling!

Chris “Y2J” Jericho received a thunderous ovation when he hit the stage to reminisce about his early days training in Calgary and matches at Sissons, managing to insert a carefully orchestrated insult at Triple H, the “Humungous Horrible Honker”. All reverie and nostalgia was interrupted when Cesaro emerged and descended the ramp, his menacing hood hiding all expression, “inviting” Y2J to a match. Jericho took only a micro-millennium to invoke his trademark springboard drop kick and the “Walls of Jericho” to score a win over Cesaro….

But the wrestling experience would be nothing without the infamous Tag Team events featuring the popular “Miz” and Damien Sandow (Mizdow the stunt double) versus The Usos. This match was highly entertaining and a crowd favorite, with Jey Uso spinning the Miz around by his legs and Mizdow mimicking alongside.

Female wrestlers gained the stage when a twitter contest dictated a group showdown versus an individual event. Six of wrestling’s toughest women squared off, with some interesting results. Who was your favorite?

What did everyone think of Alan Rose and his “Rosebuds” shaking their maracas and heckling around the ring during the bout with Darren Young? It was an interesting crowd of “buds”, and Rose himself turned on them in the end, exiting the ring on his own…

A highlight for our students was the highly anticipated showdown between Big Show and Erick Rowan, wearing his signature sheep mask. Big Show, weighing in at over 400 lbs and over 7 feet tall, was certainly a force to be reckoned with, and he was not content to just sit on the sidelines following his sound mutton buster….He invited himself to join in the battle between Rusev and Roman, and all three were in the match. “Lana” circled the ring in her heels, desperately trying to come to Rusev’s aid, mostly as flagbearer assistant, ignoring the crowd’s jeers as Putin’s face graced the big screen and the crowd chanted “Rusev sucks” over top of Rusev’s vocal support of Vladimir. Lana clearly had her hands full. At one point, Rusev left the stage, only to be dragged back by Roman for a sound thrashing. This was too much for Big Show and the takedown was born. However, Roman ended all speculation about who was the better wrestler and crowd favorite when he grabbed both opponents by the neck and smacked their heads together pumpkin-smashing style. It was a sight to behold for our guests in the crowd, and Roman Reigns finished the day’s event by sporting the belt with pride and courting the audience’s favor!

Looking forward to KIDS UP FRONT AT WWE in 2016!

-The KUF Team