After several weeks of brainstorming and top secret undercover operations at Kids Up Front, we are proud to announce that our Thank You Thoroughbred was unveiled to the public on June 3, 2015 at the Spruce Meadows National tournament.   Kids Up Front is grateful to have been chosen to participate in the 2015 Spruce Meadows Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up campaign!  Thank you to Spruce Meadows for this wonderful opportunity!  20 non-profit organizations were selected to be a part of this campaign, born out of the aftermath of the 2013 historic and devastating flood, which saw many charities struggling to survive in the face of such huge loss and uncertainty.  In 2014, this campaign was seen as a way to support and give back to local charities that continue to make valuable contributions in their communities.  The campaign continues in 2015 as part of Spruce Meadows’ 40th anniversary celebrations!  Kids Up Front is honored to be a part of this year’s recipients as we celebrate our own 15th anniversary!

As such, Kids Up Front created, pasted and collaborated on an amazing work of art, called the Thank You Thoroughbred.  The Thank You Thoroughbred resided in the boardroom for a few weeks while staff and two invaluable volunteers (Jessica and her mom) worked day and night to get the horse ready for competition.  Thank you to Calgary Reads and SVP for your support of our venture!  Life-size fiberglass horses take up a lot of room, even though they do not eat very much and never have to go outside!

The Thank You Thoroughbred is an expression of the gratitude that our recipient kids and families feel when they get to attend a special sporting, arts or cultural event through Kids Up Front.  Each year, we receive hundreds of cards, letters, photos and drawings from kids who so appreciate all the opportunities they have been given by both individual and corporate donors.  Many of these kids call these events “opportunities of a lifetime”!   We used colorfast, photocopies, and Mod Podge to place hundreds of these cards on our Thank You Thoroughbred.  The letters, notes and expressions of thanks are a delight to read and ponder, and wonder at the many little hands that created them.

Please do venture down to Spruce Meadows to check it out! See if your card is there!  And wonder at the hundreds of lives that we have touched as a charity, with the incredible support of YOU, our donors.

These horses are on display until the Master’s tournament in September 2015, when the online auction closes and the proceeds are donated back to each entrant’s charity.

So, please do go down to the Spruce Meadows grounds and find our “Thank You Thoroughbred”.  Spread the word about the auction, and let’s see if we can raise the barn roof and set a record!

100% of the proceeds go to Kids Up Front!  Help us to support our three amazing programs:  Can’t Use Your Ticket, Kids Count and Pay It Forward.