TD Noteworthy!

23 Jul TD Noteworthy!

TD presents Noteworthy: access to music for children & youth

Thanks to generous support from TD, Kids Up Front is on their way to provide 8,000 children from 500 social service agencies in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver with a musical experience to enhance lifelong learning opportunities and inspiration that normally would not be available to them. As a result of participating in this project, children will establish relationships between music and education that will inspire, challenge and entertain. Through TD presents Noteworthy access to music for children & youth we have the potential to reach future performers and ignite the creative spark that can lead kids to a life connected with music for life.

THE PROOF: “I love music, but especially the violin. Going to the violin concerto for the first time gave me the dream of playing a violin and becoming a violinist one day.”-Youth

“One of our Youth was so excited! They were attending their first concert and it was none other than Brad Paisley!”

“The past year has been difficult adjusting to our new life here in Calgary. Having the opportunity to forget seriousness and do something with the rest of our community was uplifting. For those brief hours I let go and watched my child be carefree, laugh and truly feel free. Thank you for this opportunity”. -Lara