Suite Dreams! Celebrating “Awesomeness” with AECOM.

20 Oct Suite Dreams! Celebrating “Awesomeness” with AECOM.

Toronto Raptors vs the Denver Nuggets, October 3, 2016

The greatest part of working at Kids Up Front is being able to make phone calls to deliver great news and then waiting for the screaming excitement that inevitably follows!

AECOM called us one morning and said they were sending Raptors tickets over to our office; this caused great excitement as the game was sold out and so many were anxiously waiting to receive tickets! The envelope arrived a couple days before the game; it was addressed to “Landon Wesley: Awesomeness Coordinator”. Our team loved that, and we think that name may stick to Landon’s position! When Landon opened the envelope the office erupted in cheers as the “awesomeness” turned out to be tickets for a private suite to the Raptors vs Nuggets game on October 3, 2016.

We could not wait to make some phone calls and deliver this bundle of “awesome” to some deserving kids.  First on our wait list for Raptors tickets was Cornerstone Youth Center.  This could not have been a more appropriate match, as the youth center had just recently completed construction of a basketball court for their program and were expecting a visit from Leo Rautins. Rautins was the first Canadian born basketball player to be drafted by an NBA team when he was selected in the first round of the 1983 NBA draft, and is the colour commentator for the Raptors on TSN. Leo was visiting the youth to talk hope, hoops and resiliency with some very eager fans, who were just beginning to hone their skills on the new sport court. The suite tickets from AECOM came full circle to deserving kids with a passion for the sport and deserving of inspiration from Leo and the Raptors.

The kids had a great time, with Cornerstone Youth Center staff writing:

“Our kids had the opportunity of a lifetime and we are grateful for all that you and your donors do to connect kids with opportunity and hope.”

“We were ecstatic when we found out we could provide the NBA experience to some of the youth at our center. Not only would it be the youth’s first NBA experience, all of the youth we chose for the game had never set foot in the Saddledome. The night consisted of endless excitement and overwhelming appreciation. The youth were granted quite the experience from Kids Up Front. Cornerstone was provided tickets to a private lower bowl box, which included unlimited popcorn for the youth. I cannot even begin to explain how excited and appreciative the youth were, to help provide some insight into their experience, I let the kids provide some quotes (of their own);

“Best thing I have ever seen, first time ever being to a game, it was fun!”

“Loved the popcorn, thanks!”

“Loved it, hated when we had to leave.”

“It was really fun, but the Raptors lost.”

“It was like amazing, real players, amazing, watching them dunk, so crazy!”

“The game was awesome, best time I have ever had, I’d love to say ‘thank you’ to who ever gave us the tickets.”

“Cornerstone and the youth who attended the game cannot thank Kids Up Front and their supporters enough. Your organization provided a life changing experience for the youth who attended the game, thank you!”