Rock’in The House!

04 May Rock’in The House!

Kids Up Front believes that when kids are given opportunities which they otherwise would not have, that it can be a truly life-changing experience for them. Curling Day this year was no exception. This year Kids Up Front hosted an amazing group of students from Power Play(A program ran by the Calgary Police) on their very first trip to a curling arena at the Calgary Curling Club. The kids had had not only never curled before, but in some cases had never even seen a curling rink!

The entire curling day is made possible by our amazing sponsors Joel Bray and Investors Group, who generously provides the kids with lessons and lunch. We also invited T. The Ticket, Kids Up Front’s Mascot, who cheered, curled and encouraged the entire group on the ice. The kids were so excited and many of them found it hard to wait until after lunch in order to get out onto the ice.


The students and Power Play staff traveled by bus to the club, where they were all fitted with special shows and curling gear, and then met their instructors who got them started quickly by teaching them how to safely walk and slide across the ice. The kids picked it up instantly and were looking like pros very early on. They then worked their way up step by step and learned how to properly throw a curling rock while sliding along the ice. At the end of the lesson they had a contest to see who could slide the most rocks into the blue circle target, and enjoyed putting their new skills to the test.

Participation in events like this can have a major impact on a child. We cannot express enough the enthusiasm and joy the kids have during these events and the positive feedback we get from their teachers. Without you, our amazing sponsors, these kids would never have the opportunity to experience a curling day at the rink. This positive reinforcement helps them move past the challenges and complexities of life and just “get to be a kid” for the day. Kids Up Front is truly thankful for the ability to be able to provide these experiences.


The teacher expressed the following:

“Thank you to our wonderful friends at Kids Up Front, and their sponsor, for giving our Power Play kids a fantastic Curling Field Trip at the Calgary Curling Club this past Wednesday. Thank you all so much for taking time out of your very busy day to help our kids to learn something new and build self-confidence and have fun all at the same time. This event could not have been such a great success if we did not have you to help with the drills; sweep the rocks; fit helmets; and most importantly provide encouragement and support. You are wonderful people, and I feel honored to get the chance to work with you, and to watch you help our kids.”

Thank you for all your support of our programs!

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