June 23rd was a gorgeous sunny day in Drumheller; a perfect day to take 28 youngsters to an exclusive event at the Royal Tyrrell Museum!  Thank you to Rayne and her wonderful team of volunteers who helped support and create fabulous memories for these kids!  And a special thanks to our wonderful Royal Tyrrell hosts, Alex and Bronwen; your energy, enthusiasm and ability to engage our kids was so appreciated and made for an amazing day of dinosaur exploration.

Kids Up Front was able to provide coach bus transportation to the museum, a guided outdoor experience in the Badlands, a special classroom opportunity to learn extensively about the raptor family, a wonderful lunch, and free  time to explore the museum’s famous halls featuring Black Beauty and other prehistoric giants!

The morning began well before 8 am and finished late in the afternoon.  Everyone was truly melted from the heat, the fun and excitement, and the travel!  What an exciting day!

Thank you to Alex for leading our classroom stars in an experiential activity about raptors; we learned about types, size, diet, and habits of these dinosaurs at a time when the Jurassic movie is on everyone’s minds.  It was perfect to capture the kids’ imaginations and interest, with a few being slightly nervous when entering the galleries as these stories truly came to life!  With visions of flying predators, the kids then got to build a raptor leg form complete with a pulley system to learn how the claws were a useful adaptation.  They then had a race to “catch, gut and drag” some prey to the rest of their team, or “herd”.   It was not as easy as it looked…claws or no claws…

Bronwen then lead our team of young scientists out to walk the badlands, giving them an education in “kitty litter” and how the hoodoos were formed.  We hunted for cacti and various types of rock, trying to use all forms of inquiry to learn about the area’s unique history.  Thank you Bronwen for inviting and answering more questions than we had time to answer!  It is the sign of a good day when  young imaginations have been sparked by science, geology, nature and biology!

After a dream lunch of burgers and fries, a rare indulgence, the groups headed indoors to explore the museum’s galleries and see the prehistoric creatures come to life.  There was not nearly enough time to see and do everything, leaving the door open for all to wish for another visit!

The “Exclusive All-Inclusive” was not complete without a visit from T. the Ticket!  T. greeted our VIPs before they boarded the bus for home, sharing high-fives and crazy photo-ops!

Thank you again, Rayn and our fabulous volunteer team!  Thank you to Alex and Bronwen and the Royal Tyrrell for a special day in the Badlands; your enthusiasm and detailed programming was truly impactful.

Hoping we inspired the dreams of new young scientists!