The health, safety and well-being of our staff, agency contacts, volunteers and the kids we serve remain the priority of Kids Up Front Calgary. The board of directors, along with Kids Up Front staff, have decided to no longer accept ticket donations or distribute event tickets until further notice. We put the health of our community first. Read the full statement here.


In the meantime, we have turned each of our programs into an interactive and educational activity booklet! We want to support our kids and deliver our programs as best we can during these challenging times.


Click each booklet below to open!



These booklets have been shared with our kids and families directly, and they are also available to the public! Please note the colouring contest, including in the hockey booklet, is only open to kids that are clients of our partner agencies. It is not open to the public.


We hope you enjoy these at-home activities and lessons!


We can’t wait to be back cheering and clapping with all of you soon!


Thank you to all the front line staff who work to serve our communities, especially through these unprecedented times. Your hard work is truly valued and appreciated.


Warm Regards,


The Kids Up Front Team

Nicky, Carissa and Shanon.


1. More Than A Ticket – our main program, where individuals or corporations donate tickets they are unable to use to Kids Up Front. On occasion, event promoters or coordinators donate groups of tickets as well. We partner with over 300 charitable agencies, schools, and government organizations in Calgary and surrounding areas to distribute the tickets to kids who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to attend these events. This program includes CIBC Theatre For All, Noteworthy, and Hockey Fans In the Stands.

2. Kids Count – in addition to providing cost-free access to various events, Kids Up Front provides hands-on learning opportunities through our Kids Count program. Our Kids Count opportunities are unique experiences delivered directly by our staff at Kids Up Front, in partnership with local community supporters and volunteers. Our Kids Count Program is designed to take a ticket to an event, and enrich that experience with educational and mentoring opportunities, and positive social interactions. It is above and beyond just a ticket. It can include food, transportation, VIP experiences, and more! These enhancements all aid in contributing to kids/youth experiencing hope and believing that there can be a future with possibilities beyond their previous perceived limitations. These include: field trips, art lessons, summer camps, our Getzlaf’s Gamers program, box suites and more. Check out our blog for more examples!