It is not every day that we get to go to a private concert with a country music star! Thank you Corus for inviting 15 of our kids to a private show with Madeline Merlo! The event was amazing and Madeline is a true champion for the arts and kids that may need a lift! Thank you Madeline for sharing your heartfelt story about your musical journey and encouraging our kids to reach for their own dreams.

Madeline’s advice? Work hard, never give up and surround yourself with people that support you and believe in you! Madeline had such an inspiring message for the kids and she played several of her songs with Honey Jack being the crowd favorite! Thank you!

After the concert the kids got to have a Question and Answer period with the star and receive autographs and photos as a memento of the evening. Our kids had great questions such as, “What stations play your music? Where do you travel? Are you playing at the Stampede? How long did it take to write Honey Jack? What has been your biggest challenge? When did you start singing?”
And yes, Madeline IS playing at the Calgary Stampede at Nashville North (the grownups now have a chance to see her!). She started singing at age 6 and has never given up on her dream to write and perform. She now travels extensively and performs all over North America; Kids Up Front is so very thankful that Madeline had time for us and to be so generous with her time, the questions and interacting with some young fans! She immediately had to blast off to Edmonton for a performance there; the life of a performer is a busy one.
Our youngsters grinned, put their hands up with enthusiasm for question period, and sang and hummed along during the performance which was great to see. It was all smiles for the songs, the selfies and the photo ops! The kids were truly dancing in their seats, and the chaperones and staff in attendance also joined in the fun. How could you not with such delightful and catchy songs with great lyrics?

We know for sure that there were several budding artists inspired by Madeline’s performance, her words and her encouragement. What an amazing opportunity to have had and to dream about. Corus, thank you for arranging everything! And thank you to our wonderful sponsors at TD Noteworthy for supporting all things music! It was a night the kids will never forget!

And for all you grownups out there, please do check out Madeline’s music at Nashville North in a couple of weeks, she is a true talent!  Check out more photos of the event here!