Mesozoic Madness!

13 Jun Mesozoic Madness!

3rd Annual Royal Tyrrell Museum Field Trip

June 9th was a day filled with Paleozoic excitement for a class of 28 fifth graders. Thanks to a generous donation from the Airdrie Rotary the class was able to make the trek out to Drumheller to participate in fun activities at the world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum. The Museum features ten signature galleries, including 40 full di-nosaur skeletons and more then 110,000 fossils. This was perfect for sparking the kids’ imaginations about what life looked like on our planet up to 248 million years ago!

The class started the day with an amazing classroom activity where they learned about the sneakiest dinosaur of them all, the raptor. Here they were asked to build a wooden raptor leg, featuring one deadly claw! This claw came in handy when the groups had to work as a team to kill, drag, and dismember a bucket of guts to feed their “raptor pack.” Super fun!

The kids, teachers and volunteers got to share a wonderful lunch together (thank you to Sandi Roberts and her team!) and then split into small groups to explore Drumheller’s unique landscape and the many fascinating exhibits within the muse-um.

Outdoor walks included a search for cacti found in Drumheller’s desert climate, and although the whether was not ideal, that did not deter our curious groups from exploring. Inside the museum, the kids found everything from 12-foot high leg bones to fossilized microscopic organisms. This provided lots of inspiration for out team of budding young scientists.

Thank you to everyone at the Royal Tyrrell Museum who helped our kids learn, explore and have fun! We could not have organized this trip without the support of all our donors and especially the Airdrie Rotary, whose generous funds provided the much needed transportation to and from Calgary.

What a fabulous day! Thank you to our amazing partner agency staff and volunteers for all your help!

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