“How to be a Soldier” – A Day at the Military Museum!

17 Aug “How to be a Soldier” – A Day at the Military Museum!

Thanks to a generous donation from the Military Museums of Calgary, 56 kids from five different agencies got the chance to experience what it is like to be a soldier.

This fun and interactive day taught our kids what day-to-day life was like for WWII soldiers. Thanks to the hard work of the education center staff our large group was able to divide and conquer.

The groups got the opportunity to hold and examine real WWII artifacts, and compare them to the modern versions of military equipment. Everything from helmets, to camouflage clothing and gas masks were passed around and examined. One of the biggest eye openers of the day happened when everybody got to try on a jacket filled with weights to simulate the weight of ammunition that soldiers had to carry every day!

Next, our kids got to try on real WWII uniforms and practice marching in ranks. It took a couple of tries but after a bit of practice they had turns, salutes and stops down to a tee. A nice break outside for lunch was followed by some “trench warfare” themed capture the flag and a fun obstacle course.

What a great day for kids in our community to learn about the history of our Canadian Armed Forces in WWII, and about the work they continue to do today to fight for our freedom.

Thank you so much to the wonderfully engaging staff who continued to spark our group’s imaginations throughout the day. Once again we are continued to be impressed with all of those working for our partnered agencies. They worked very hard to organize the transportation, the volunteers and the kids themselves! All of their support makes opportunities like this one a huge success and tons of fun for our kids.

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