On June 23, 2016, Kids Up Front was able to host 17 wonderful young women and their chaperone at a screening of the movie “He Named Me Malala”. This incredible movie is inspirational in its message, telling the story of Malala, a young girl from Pakistan who was hunted and shot by the Taliban for her outspoken messages regarding women’s rights, especially as it relates to girls and their right to receive an education. Malala survived, and has become an unwavering champion of women’s rights across the globe. The story is chilling, poignant and an invitation for all of us to stand up for what we believe to be true.

A very dedicated individual from one of our partner agencies drove a small bus around the city, picking up young women in her program from all four quadrants, and brought them down to the Globe Cinema for this special event. She said that the girls felt extremely inspired by the movie, and they all had a great time at the viewing. It provided a wonderful opportunity to engage the girls in discussions about their lives, their aspirations, and the possibilities for their futures. The worker remarked that she felt as inspired as the young girls that she brought out to the event.

She said: “The movie went really well last night. I ended up with 17 girls, aged 12 and older, and me. Most of the girls said they felt really inspired by the movie. I drove girls to and from the southwest, northwest, southeast, and northeast, so it was a late night, but it was a really great night and the girls had so much fun. It was so wonderful to hear them talk about what they learned from the movie and their aspirations to become doctors, engineers, etc. I think I felt as inspired as the girls did.” 

We are showcasing this to say thank you to the donor of the tickets, Lisa, and to highlight the incredible work that our partner agencies do to support the kids and families in their programs when they take advantage of the many things that Kids Up Front has to offer. We sincerely appreciate the time, the extra effort and the incredible passion that so many Calgarians exhibit in the work they do for others in and around the city, to make our world a better place, to provide inclusion, and to foster dreams and imaginations.

It really does “take a village”; Kids Up Front is fortunate to have such an incredible village of donors, sponsors, agencies and volunteers who work diligently and relentlessly to support our collective “kids”.

What an amazing and unique opportunity; one little ticket, one big lift!