Having A Field Day in the Mines!

17 Oct Having A Field Day in the Mines!

Yes, we did send children into the mines last month!  We are fortunate to have Canada’s most complete historic coal mine and the country’s last standing wooden tipple right here in East Coulee, Alberta! The Atlas Coal Mine is a must see attraction when visiting the Badlands.

We were able to send a group of 40 kids to explore this unique part of Alberta’s history with educated guides, chaperones and our newest staff member, Landon Wesley.  Kids Up Front has a tradition of taking kids on this field trip as our very own Nicky Nash (Program Manager) worked at the coal mine as a college student, guiding thousands of tourists up the tipple!

It was a great day exploring the property and learning about the history of coal mining in Alberta.  The kids had a great time! This field trip was organized in June 2016, taking place September 13, 2016; this is significant as one little student remarked, “I waited the WHOLE SUMMER to go on this field trip!  I am so excited!”  We can never presume to know what kinds of events will spark a child’s imagination or provide inspiration.  Perhaps this young girl will embark on a career in science or mining, or explore her role as a historian or researcher.  Something captured her imagination this day!

The kids and their chaperones boarded their bus bright and early September 13, using Willco Transportation, our preferred service provider.  Thank you to Airdrie Rotary for sponsoring transportation for field trips in 2016.  We could not do it without you!  The kids embarked on tours of the tipple and the mine; they walked the gantry, an ascent of 125 feet.  They examined tools and machines of the trade, heard the stories of danger that the mining life entailed, and were exposed to a taste of Alberta’s history.

Kids Up Front is “more than just a ticket”; we excite children with our unique offerings, our field trips, and our VIP tours.  The Kids Count program provides kids with more than simple recreation; they learn about history, our province, jobs and economies, areas for potential study, and how natural resources have shaped our landscape and our people.

If you ever get out to Atlas Coal Mine, remember our very own Nicky Nash giving tours during her summers off in College and ask for a private tour by fifth generation miner, Bob Moffatt.  This is an exclusive tour with a local personality with direct knowledge and experience of the history of coal mining. Thank you Atlas Coal Mine for treating our students as “true miners”; good luck with your fundraising goals to preserve this important part of Alberta’s history!