Kids Up Front | Happy Trails!
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Happy Trails!

17 Aug Happy Trails!


THE WHO: 45 deserving kids and their chaperones and 2 Kids Up Front staff

THE WHAT: Outstanding Outdoor Summer Adventures such as horseback riding, canoeing, low ropes course, BBQ lunch, transportation, fantastic leadership!

THE WHEN: July 20, 2015

THE WHERE: Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch, located near Bragg Creek AB. Check them out here.

THE WHY: Because it’s what Kids Up Front does best!

THE GRATITUDE: Thank you to all of our donors, partners, sponsors, and agency representatives who made memories and dreams come true for these kids! Thank you to Our Lady Queen of Peace staff and your program’s vision to support kids in a safe, respectful and empowering environment! We could not have done it without you.

THE BEST PART: 45 amazing kids from diverse backgrounds got to experience the great outdoors, free from distractions and technology, free to challenge themselves and build new skills in a safe environment, free to explore what would be impossible in the city, and free to just have a good time with peers and friends while trying new things!

THE MOTTO: Our Lady Queen of Peace aims to foster and support kids’ unique skills and abilities in a safe and supportive environment, with the motto “Happy Trails”! So, thank you to Our Lady Queen of Peace; we did indeed experience “Happy Trails”.

Click here to see how much fun we had!