Good News Blog!

24 May Good News Blog!

Here is how your donation makes a difference…

We love to hear the stories that all of our agencies have to share about the impact an event or ticket has had on a child’s life. Each and every day, Kids Up Front receives good news stories and we are excited to showcase some of them with you today! Names are withheld to protect privacy.

April 21, 2016 One Little Ticket One Big Lift: Rihanna at the Scotiabank Saddledome
I am a teacher. Kids Up Front is really a fantastic organization, and I have already seen that it brightens the lives of many of my students.  I received an email the afternoon of the Rihanna concert letting me know that a single ticket had become available. I knew exactly the youth that I could offer the ticket to. She was an 18 year old student who had been living on and off in a shelter for the past few months. She has no family support, and having just turned 18, she is struggling with how to make it on her own independently.
I sat down beside her and asked her if she would like to go to Rihanna, and she said, “Yes, but I’m broke.” When I told her that the ticket had been donated and it was free, she was ecstatic! She told everyone around her at the school, she called friends; she could hardly contain her excitement! I sent her off at the end of the school day with instructions to take lots of selfies, to enjoy every moment of the experience, and to tell me all about it.

She came back to school on Monday still reliving the concert memory! The concert wristband was displayed proudly on her wrist, and she began to share the details and her pictures from the concert with me. It was a highlight for her, and she was a youth who was really desperately in need of someone to show her that she mattered and that she was still important despite being a homeless youth.

She loved taking the time to create a glittery card to say thank you to the donor. Having an organization like Kids Up Front provide her with this unforgettable experience was truly amazing. I know that no matter where life takes her, she will always have the memory of that concert experience as a highlight for her thanks to Kids Up Front.

March 4, 2016 Life Changing Concert at the Scotiabank Saddledome: Black Sabbath
Kids up front was kind enough to offer some of my students four pairs of tickets to the Black Sabbath concert in Calgary. We considered which students in our school would get the most out of attending this concert, and asked teachers to nominate the most deserving students.

The four boys selected are all students who have struggled with school. The three of the young men selected are accomplished guitar players, and love to listen to Black Sabbath. Two of the three young men were also the victims of a serious attack by a stranger in their community.

The two young men were walking home in the evening from hanging out together, when a stranger came out of nowhere and attacked them both with a knife. One young man sustained injuries to his fingers of his right hand, and was hospitalized for weeks. The other young man suffered from the considerable trauma of the event. The boy with the injured hand was unable to play guitar following the event, for the next year. This year he had begun to play guitar again, but not often.

When I awarded the tickets to the boys, I had to call home first and confirm that the boys would be available to attend. I called the first boy and let his mother know that I was the Assistant Principal calling and her response was “what did he do now!” I responded that I was actually calling to see if she thought he could attend the Black Sabbath Concert, and his mother shouted “you bet he will and he is taking me!” She then went on to say that it was the best phone call she had ever received from the school. The following three phone calls were received with the same response. The boys actually ran back to the school at 5:00 p.m. to pick up the tickets. They were full of giggles and jumping up and down and just over the moon with excitement.

The experience really changed these kids. They began to come to school more regularly. They were more engaged with the staff, and the most exciting part of the story, is that they once again began to play their music in the halls of the school at lunch time, after school and sometimes even between classes!

If you ask me what kind of a service Kids Up Front provides to the students of my high school, I would answer you that it truly does change lives! It offers kids who would not otherwise get to experience arts, culture and sporting events, the chance to get excited, to become involved and to dream of the chance to perform themselves. It lights the torch for some to see a purpose in education. We have just begun our partnership with Kids Up Front, but I hope that we will continue the work of enriching the lives of those who really can benefit from it!

April 12, 2016 Jubilations Dinner Theatre Makes Dreams Come True! Star Warz: A Galactic Rock Comedy

We had the chance to go to Jubilation Dinner Theatre to see Star Warz. We took a group of students to this event and one student, in particular, was very keen on wanting to know more about the production, more about how to work at Jubilation’s and more about the set design. As a result, after the performance, Matt, one of the managers took our group on a full behind the scenes tour. This student was so motivated that at the end of this performance and tour she secured an audition with the theatre company! Making dreams come true one at a time!

These are just some of the stories that we receive each day. Thank you generous donors for making these kinds of things happen! And thank you, to our agency ticket contacts, for going the extra mile to give your kids and families amazing experiences! This is why we do it!!!