“Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be….”

Thanks to our TD Noteworthy Program and Highfield Stock Farm, dreams came true for six deserving kids at the Scotiabank Saddledome on April 30, as Kids Up Front hosted them at the One Republic concert as part of the “Pay it Forward” project supported by Cenovus!

Six kids were nominated for their awesome contributions, work ethic, and genuine “greatness” as contributors to their community. Here’s what some of the nominating agencies had to say about these STARS:

  • “..started an InerAct club at school to help clean water projects…”
  • “..innate desire and ability to connect and give back to others..”
  • “…positive role model for all those around her…”
  • “…lovely demeanor, courteous..big smile..quick to lend a hand…leads by example..accountable, responsible..volunteers at two charities…”
  • “…dedicated volunteer…cheers on others…”
  • “…kindness and courage…”
  • “…wonderful spirit of grace…”

Wow! And they are “JUST KIDS” with amazing skills and talents, truly making a difference for others!
The lucky recipients each got to bring a special person with them to the concert! It made the night even more enjoyable to celebrate their first concert (EVER!) with a loved one. With chaperones and Nicky Nash, Program Manager at Kids Up Front, everyone had an absolute blast!

The preshow was “Lights”, a Canadian synth and electropop musician that thrilled the group even before One Republic started their set. Once the kids stood up in their seats, they never sat down! One of the girls, breathless and emotional, said that she would never get this chance again; it was “once in a lifetime, I might never go to another concert again in my life”! To which, Kids Up Front’s Nicky Nash chirped, “Not if I can do anything about it!”

Gratitude was evident, and indelible grins were plentiful. The event was truly “TD Noteworthy”. Thank you to our gracious donors at TD for their continuing support of the TD Noteworthy Program at Kids Up Front. Through your generosity, children continue to receive the benefits of exposure to music, concerts, and the symphony, and for some, a brand new world of arts and culture for the very first time. Thank you to Highfield Stock Farm for your donation of a suite for the special evening. The kids had never been to a concert, and certainly never in such style!


So, once again, thank you to our fellow Calgarians and donors from across Alberta! You not only made dreams come true on April 30, but you honored and recognized talented young people who are “rising stars” in our city and the possible future leaders of tomorrow!

“….no more counting dollars, we will be counting stars….”