Cooking With Cenovus!

16 Jun Cooking With Cenovus!

Cenovus supports Junior Chefs at 2nd Annual Culinary Event!

Thank you to the amazing Cenovus volunteers who helped to cook up a pizza storm with some deserving aspiring chefs on June 5, 2015! Kids Up Front counts Cenovus as a valued community partner, providing 10 wonderful volunteers to support our mini “culinary school” hosted at Sunterra Market. Thank you for making the day so amazing for 15 great kids!  How amazing??!!

One little girl remarked, “If this is a dream, don’t wake me up!” 

This unique event allows kids to experience the inner workings of a professional commercial kitchen, and exposes them to all kinds of skills, careers and possibilities within the food industry. However, the main focus is the FUN to be had in the kitchen, both with the Sunterra staff and the Cenovus volunteers, and the JOY of eating one’s own pizza creation! Using skills taught by the professionals, the kids sliced, diced and prepared their own pizzas using fresh market ingredients such as pineapple and fresh vegetables, as well as a selection of deli meats and cheeses. The six hundred degree pizza oven was a thrill to see and experience for the very first time, and the pizza was cooked to perfection within minutes!

Our mini chefs participated each step of the way, with support from their Cenovus volunteers, sporting snappy hand-decorated chef hats to give them a true commercial kitchen experience. The fun did not stop there, however, as the meal was not complete without dessert of cake and ice cream!

“This is the best field trip ever!” remarked one young lad, not wanting to return to school at the end of the event.

Cenovus, we could not have done this without you! We appreciate the volunteer commitment of your staff, and the way they made each and every junior chef feel special, important, and capable; thank you for helping to create a “world of possibility” for these youngsters, as they explored new environments, skills and talents. Thank you to Sunterra for hosting an event that they will not soon forget; your staff was so very welcoming and thoughtful, and I am sure some new little chefs have been inspired!

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Harlee Code

Program Coordinator