Alligator Pie with our Friends at Vertigo!

08 Nov Alligator Pie with our Friends at Vertigo!


Poem by Canadian Poet, Dennis Lee

How many of you remember that poem from your childhood? So many of us grew up listening to the poems of Dennis Lee, and reading his book with the infamous graphic of the alligator, children and the RCMP officer in the hot air balloon!

With the incredible support of our partners at Vertigo Theatre and CIBC Theatre For All, Kids Up Front recently had the pleasure of hosting 100 of our children and families at the Soulpepper production of Alligator Pie on October 22, 2016.  Thank you to Vertigo for the amazing opportunity to see the show, and experience the poems of Dennis Lee come to life!

If any of you grown-ups find your staplers, three hole punches, or umbrellas missing, you may want to ask your children if they have used them to play in a band or hidden them under their beds for future use! And don’t even try to keep the bubble wrap away from them!  In this production, everyday household objects were used to entertain, delight and create laughter in the audience.  Soulpepper artists skillfully crafted the use of language, sounds, poetry and music with physical comedy to create a truly childlike atmosphere of wonder, exploration, and curiosity!  Oh to be a child again, finding things in your closet or cupboards and magically transforming them into the most marvelous playthings to while away a long afternoon, a rainy weekend, or a day off of school!

Thank you, Vertigo Theatre for generously sharing the Soulpeper production of Alligator Pie with our kids and families, and for creating a magical skip down memory lane with the poems of Dennis Lee!

And if any of you missed the surprise at the end, well, it was a bubble wrap dance party complete with cookies and juice!


Theatre opportunities like these are possible because of the CIBC Theatre For All program!  CIBC Theatre for All will help the Kids Up Front Foundation remove the financial and social barriers to give kids, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, the gift of experiencing a live arts production—theatre, dance, opera, symphony. CIBC, Kids Up Front Foundation and our community arts partners give our community’s most vulnerable young people exposure to new experiences and ignite the passion that can inspire a life-long connection with the arts.