Kids Up Front | T the Ticket
T the Ticket is the fun and friendly mascot for Kids Up Front Calgary.
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Hi there, I’m T the Ticket!


I’m the fun and friendly mascot for Kids Up Front Calgary. I was born in February 2015, so I’m two-years-old! Thanks to the great folks at Kids Up Front, I’m able to attend all sorts of amazing events around Calgary. You can see me in the Stampede Parade, around the Saddledome, and other exciting places!


Although I am often mistaken to be a giant slice of cheese or a ravioli, I am most definitely a ticket! Every year, thanks to amazing donors, thousands of my ticket brothers and sisters get distributed to deserving kids around Calgary.


I wanted to extend a sincere thank you to the great donors of Kids Up Front for giving kids in Calgary experiences they will remember for a lifetime!


Your friend,


T the Ticket signature



Check out some pictures of my adventures so far: