A Moment with Courtney, KUF Krew Member!

18 Apr A Moment with Courtney, KUF Krew Member!

Last week was National Volunteer Week. Kids Up Front wishes to thank our tremendous KUF Krew, numbering over 90 individuals, for all their support throughout the year. We truly could not run all of our programs, special events and fundraisers without you! Volunteers greatly increase our capacity, and with their unwavering support, we were able to grow and expand our Suite Program over the past year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As part of Volunteer Week, we invited one of our dedicated volunteers to speak about her experience as part of the KUF Krew, and what it means to her. We asked her for her impressions, observations, and experiences as part of our valued volunteer team.

Thank you, Courtney!

A Moment with Courtney, KUF Krew Member

I have had the privilege of being a Suite Ambassador for Kids Up Front for over a year now. I still remember going to my first concert with my dad when I was 7, “New Kids on the Block”, and the excitement and awe that I had. That experience is what made want to volunteer with Kids Up Front. It was a way to give kids a similar experience that I had.

I love bringing the kids into a suite at the Saddledome for the first time and seeing their faces light up with excitement and awe. In March I was honored to be a Suite Ambassador for the Flames vs the San Jose Sharks game for a group of teenage boys that had recently moved to Canada. I met the kids outside and even without English as a common language for a lot of them you could feel the excitement!

The boys arrived, took a seat and just took it all in. I think initially it was a little overwhelming for them, but that only lasted a minute until they were hamming it up for photos!

Kids Up Front suites all come with unlimited popcorn and boy did they get their fill! When one bag was finished, they would politely ask for more.

The suite that we were in was generously donated by Telus, and half way through the first period a couple of their reps came in bearing gifts of little stuffed snow leopards.
The boys were from different countries, with a few of them being recent refugees from Syria, still adapting to their new country and learning English. It was really cool that one of the Telus reps actually spoke a bit of Arabic and could communicate with them.

I’ve never been with a group that so thoroughly enjoyed the game; they never left their seats, fearing they would miss something. The halftime show was a hit, as well as the first fight of the night. The boys patiently waited for the Flames to score in the final minutes, which lead to a huge explosion of excitement, putting them on the jumbo Tron, and dancing for the crowd.

I can only imagine what it must be like moving to a new country, where everything is different, including the language. At the end of the game, I asked the boys what they thought and they all told me, either through a translator or with broken English that they had a great time, and thought it was a lot of fun. To be part of bringing a smile to these boys’ faces and to see the incredible experiences that Kids Up Front makes happen for children every day makes me proud to be a volunteer.

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